Kate Bielamowicz

Kate Bielamowicz

Curious like a KAT

A little gringa en el gran mundo // travel writer, copywriter and occasional photographer currently based in Mexico // Texan by birth

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Rosio rene article

How Noma Helped a Pastry Chef Connect with Her Mexican Roots

An Interview with Rosio Sanchez at Noma Tulum


America's Workforce Runs on Uppers | JSTOR Daily

America's Workforce Runs on Uppers | J...

 mg 1383 article

The Pinkest Place in Mexico

Between the animals and the water, this place is a colorful dream.

Mexican vanilla full article
The News

What Ever Happened to Mexican Vanilla?

Mexican vanilla is in severe shortage. The Mexican Orchidology Association is trying to save it.

 carajillo 1 2 article

Mexico City's Most Rambunctious Cocktail

The working-class carajillo has been elevated to an art form -- and here's where to find it.

Thumbnail article


We don't get out of dyin'

Kate weiser 1214 article
Modern Luxury

Haute Chocolate

Kate Weiser Chocolate does Christmas.

The Freelancer

How to Do Your Taxes as a Freelancer: Expat Edition | The ...

How to Do Your Taxes as a Freelancer: Expat Edition...

Prainha faro article

Where to Go in Europe in Shoulder Season.

The Proper Threads guide to Europe without the crowds.

The Freelancer

5 Marketing Tips for Getting Work to Come to You | The Freelancer ...

5 Marketing Tips for Getting Work to Come to You | ...

Dopp kit article

Breaking down the Basics: Skincare for Men

Proper Threads outlines the essentials to healthy skin.

Mercado roma article
The News

Mercado Roma

Market combines new concept with old-world amenities.

Open uri20140523 28564 aln4fd article

The Curious Case Of Lana Del Rey And Feminism

Literally Darling

Tie no jacket article

Tie or No Tie?

When to wear a tie and when to not wear a tie, according to Proper Threads.

9421381521 01ac4568f7 k article

Hold on to Your Seats

Getting around Mexico City is pretty easy, as long as you know the ruta.